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Hackergartens are a great place to meet new people, have fun, and improve the lives of developers around the world one patch at a time; provided you’re willing to bring your laptop and get your hands dirty. Write a plugin, a tutorial, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you alongside several open-source experts willing to share their knowledge.

This session is your chance to contribute to the open source projects you’ve been learning about. Instead of a presentation, we will come together with several open source experts and write a plugin, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you. This is your chance to get involved with opens source and learn how to make a difference for the projects you’re passionate about. Bring your laptop and your ideas; everyone is welcome.

What's Up? #DevoxxPL

@starbuxman Again? DevoxxPL was just some weeks ago…

About 2 weeks ago from Dr. Stefan Pfeiffer's Twitter

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