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Workshop preparation

For the nerd in all of you, we've built a new command line tool to spin up projects fast and added Libsass, speeding up your SCSS changes by 5X.

All workshops are delivered in BYOD mode. So, you need to bring your own laptop to get the most out of the workshop.

Electronics Fundamentals for Dummies (Arduino included), Jacek Kunicki

No special preparation required. Jacek will send details directly to all participants.

Practical RxJava, Simon Baslé, Laurent Doguin

Attendees should come with their laptop, JDK 8 installed, maven and their IDE of choice (I tend to prefer IntelliJ).
If they want to, they can go on and clone the repo there, this will be the skeleton of the workshop.
Having already read a bit about RxJava may help them keep up but is not required.

Hands-on Performance Tuning, Mike Croft

Participants need a laptop with Java installed and the ability to run a Java EE app server.

Architectural Katas, Ted Neward

No special preparation needed.

Programming Concurrency, Venkat Subramaniam

List of software needed:
(a) Java 8
(b) your favorite IDEs
(c) svn or git-svn to access source control repository for code and libraries.

A #Workout workshop, Jurgen Appelo

No special preparation needed.

Down and Dirty with JMS 2, Reza Rahman

You can find preparation instruction here.

Hands On Logstash, David Pilato, João Duarte

Java Virtual Machine 7 or 8

A Self-Guided Hands-on Tour of Java EE 7, Reza Rahman

You can find preparation instruction here.

Industrial Prototyping with TinkerForge and Java8, Sven Ruppert

A laptop on which you can install software:
(a) Java 8 (Oracle JDK) installed and running
(b) A JDK 8 capable IDE, prefered IntelliJ 😉
Optionally, you can of course also bring your own Raspberry Pi or the like (however it will be also provided by the trainer).

Your own Spotify at home with Spark & Cassandra, DuyHai DOAN

Participants should install:
(a) latest version of Virtual Box
(b) recent version of IntelliJ or Eclipse for IDE
(c) for Scala people, a working SBT
(d) for Java people, Java 8 installed and Maven 3

Meet Bluemix and build your apps in minutes, Szymon Brandys

Participants should register to Bluemix before the workshop using this link

Android ROM Cooking Tutorial, Ron Munitz

It will be helpful to have the attendees use Linux (either on their laptops or on a Virtual Machine) or OS X and follow the setup instructions at It is not a strict requirement anyway.
Also, attendees need to bare in mind they will need to have ~80GB of free space in their Linux/OS X box.
It is strongly recommended to follow those instructions before attending the workshop, as downloading the AOSP source code is very heavy on network load.

Hands-on with Kubernetes, an open source cluster scheduler for containers, Marek Grabowski, Filip Grzadkowski

No special preparation required.

What's Up? #DevoxxPL

@starbuxman Again? DevoxxPL was just some weeks ago…

About 2 weeks ago from Dr. Stefan Pfeiffer's Twitter

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